Friday, February 24, 2012

One on One with Bob Marley, Rolling Stones, and Elvis

Insight Editions has had the pleasure of highlighting some pretty legendary musicians in our publications and this year, we're excited to launch our new One on One series for an even more intimate look at some music icons.

Bob Marley, Elvis and the Rolling Stones are the first three names to make it on this list with photograph collections unlike anything else we've ever done.

David Burnett followed Bob Marley on his Exodus tour in 1977, taking photos on the bus, during sound check, playing soccer, and in concert. 
"It's not every day that you come across an unpublished collection of photographs of a legend. It is even more amazing when those photographs were taken by an accomplished, award-winning photojournalist." - Chris Murray (from the introduction)
Available Now:
Bob Marley
by David Burnett
160 pages

Coming Soon:

April 2012
Photographs by Alfred Wertheimer
320 pages
"...when somebody is doing something that is more important in his or her life than having their photograph taken, you're going to get good pictures." - Alfred Wertheimer
September 2012
Photography by Gered Mankowitz, Written by Sean Egan
240 pages


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