Monday, February 13, 2012

Books for your favorite Bibliophile

So, it's Valentine's Day weekend. You have plenty of time for last minute shopping since this romantic holiday falls on a Tuesday this year.

Jewelry might not appeal to your special someone and roses don't last very long. Chocolate is good for any occasion, but accompany that with a special book (with a hand-written note inside) and you've got yourself a real present!

Pick up a copy of one of these titles at your favorite bookstore, or better yet, add them to your cart through our online store and save yourself the headache of having to hit the mall this weekend.


Charmed by Audrey

by John Lennon

The Kiss: A Celebration

by B.J. Gallegher

You can also pre-order this fun, new book for your significant other, if you're fairly confident their sense of humor can handle it. 

In the green suburbs, tucked away in bed, are two parents.
Goodnight husband, goodnight wife.

by Eric Stangel and Justin Stangel

Happy Valentine's Day!


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