Monday, February 27, 2012

2012's Monumental Moments

2012 is a year of celebration and remembrance. Join us as we honor some epic moments in music, literature and world history.

70 - The age Jimi Hendrix would be this year. Born in 1942, Jimi Hendrix continues to influence musicians around the world as his name lives on through his timeless music. Named, this year, as the Best Guitarist of All Time, Jimi Hendrix helped music evolve in the late 60s until his unexpected death in 1970 at the young age of 27.

The Experience
Rock Gods
80 - Born on February 26th, 1932, Johnny Cash would have turned 80 this year. A groundbreaking ceremony is planned at his childhood home, which is being restored. A Johnny Cash museum is scheduled to open in Nashville later this summer.

House of Cash
100 - The anniversary of the Titanic's epic journey will be remembered with exhibits across the country at participating museums, such as the San Diego Natural History Museum. James Cameron will be re-releasing his award-winning film, Titanic, in 3D this April.

The Titanic Notebook
200 - Charles Dickens has been called the first pop culture icon and continues to influence writers around the world. Many events and exhibits will take place this year in honor of this literary legend.
Charles Dickens

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