Friday, August 9, 2013

A Message to the Purchasers of Fringe: September's Notebook Limited Edition

Insight Editions deeply regrets and apologizes for the miscommunication in the marketing language and product description for Fringe: September's Notebook Special Editions.  We neglected to identify the difference between two versions of the Special Editions we created—one with original signatures and one with replicated signatures.  We sincerely apologize to Fringe fans and our customers for any inconvenience and confusion this caused.  Please note that neither Warner Bros. nor Bad Robot, the producers of the show, or the authors, were aware of these replica signatures being created.

If you are in possession of a signature card numbered 1 to 330, the signatures are original.  If you are in possession of a signature card numbered 331 or higher, the signatures are replicas.  If you purchased a copy containing replica signatures and wish to have your money fully refunded, please contact Insight Editions as directed below.  Please keep your copy of the edition, with our sincere apologies.  

This return policy applies only to those purchases made prior to August 6, 2013.   To request a refund for the full purchase price of your item, please email and include a digital copy of your signature card and receipt.  For additional questions, please contact Insight Editions at (415) 526-1382.