Wednesday, October 26, 2011

How to dress like a barbarian

We heard the Barbarian is one of the top Halloween costumes this year for men. We're not sure if this is just a rumor that Grüte Skullbasher has been spreading around or not, but we're pretty excited to see fan photos featuring the required barbarian costume.
"Historically, barbarians usually wear codpieces, loincloths or goatskin Speedos."
This is just one of the ways you can spot a barbarian. Of course, their diction, physique and the etymology of his or her name are also major clues.
"If you see anyone with biceps bigger than their cranium, chances are they are at least half-Barbarian."
We'd love to know if people dress up as barbarians (outside of Comic Con) so if you have a photo to share, please post it to our Facebook page so we can continue to be inspired by the many varieties of barbarians that have been discovered recently. We know you're out there.


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