Friday, March 9, 2012

Accidental Inventions

It's hard to imagine a world without Coca-Cola, Post-its, or Velcro, but have you ever stopped to wonder how and when these items came to be? Accidental Inventions reveals the fascinating stories behind the toys, foods, gadgets, and tools we now consider indispensable. From peanut butter to penicillin, roller skates to radioactivity, dozens of essential inventions are spotlighted.

Fully illustrated with over 240 photos, Accidental Inventions traces the path from inception to "ah ha!" for more than 60 products, and introduces the cast of clever, hardworking inventors behind them. Engaging narrative and colorful design make these stories accessible to readers of all ages, illuminating the happy collision of accident and inspiration that would profoundly change our lives.

Accidental Inventions: The Chance Discoveries that Changed our Lives

America’s incredible success is primarily due to the dreams and inventions of its many citizens. Few people realize however, that from the time the U.S. Patent Office was formed by Thomas Jefferson in 1790 and throughout the industrial revolution, inventors were required to submit a working, scale model of their invention when applying for a patent. The Rothschild Collection is the world’s largest gathering of viewable U.S. Patent Models.

The Curious World of Patent Models exhibit will include a variety of Patent Models that children and adults alike will enjoy: household, agricultural, medical, toys, musical instruments, tools and more. Here is the list of the traveling exhibit dates and venues through 2013.


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